Hilde Nfss from Norway
'Slightly scruffy, but very clean hostel briliantly located
between the West End ant the City Centre. Very Dedicated staff. A fun
place.Well worth your time and money'

Carolin from Heidelberg
'Best place to stay in Glasgow, I really enjoyed me time staying there'

Jason from the USA ...
'One of the best Hostels I've stayed at before! Todd is always willing to go out and have fun'

Stiphane from Brussels
'Blue Sky's is not only the cheapest hostel in Glasgow, but also the most friendly. I had a great time there and I should recommend it to anyone wishing to stay in a casual place. Also: very convenient location'

Samantha Jeptha from Cape Town
'Bluesky is da best! I've been in the hostel for +/- 4 months now, and it rocks here! Filled with unexpected ACTION! check it out, you won't regret it! LOVE FROM DA SOUTH AFRICAN CHIK! p.s.an its free e-mail! sweet ass'

Tom from Melbourne, Australia
'I came to Glasgow for one night, four days later I am leaving. Brilliant hostel, lots of partying it's hard to leave'

Andrea from Canada
'Good times @ Bluesky ... I will be back! Thanks for everything Todd'

Gianluca from Italy
'Very very good time spent there!! Thanx to BlueSky staff for their fun! I must come back'

Carlos Pinto from Portugal
'Great Hostel, it's like one Big family there... I'm only sorry that i've spent only a couple of days there!!! Next time don't be admired when u see a group of 2 portuguese, 2 italians and a finn...'

Kati from Kempten in Germany
The coolest and most familiar hostel I've ever been to! You won't regret staying there - only if you've booked too few nights!

Lizzie from Kempten, Germany
Stay there and you will know, what a perfect holiday is like!!
Definitely will be back someday!

Nina from Denmark
Hej all of you.. I had a fun week staying in your hostel. I will have to come back to Skotland one day. and you would have fun visiting Copenhagen.. Knus og kolbxtter Nina.

Caitlin from Philadelphia, PA
My friends and I had an absolutely amazing time here. There was definitely severe separation anxiety when it came time to leave.

John from the USA
I really enjoyed it! I met a lot of friendly people there.

Gagi Kravanja
Very kind people, clean and nice hostel! You must go there!!
We were at football match betwen Scotland and Slovenija!

Silvano Dragonieri from Italy
Hey pals do ya remember me??
im the italian doc, the one who was there on september 4 the huge medical
Miss ya guys all back to normality! Hope to see ya again soon Cheers!!!

Lila Matsumoto, USA
oh my gosh, Bluesky. Everyone is so nice, it's true, and someone's always up for a shindig. Definitely stay here, in fact go to Glasgow in order to stay here. yum.

Silvia Lombardi, Italy
I had read some comments on the hostel before leaving for Glagow...and they all turn out to be true!! It is a place to have fun!! And we had a lot! It was great!

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